Equipment / clients

I have a reasonable range of kit for news, docs or mini dramas, comprising:

*  SQN 4S stereo mixer
*  Soundcraft 8-ch mixer
*  radio mics x 2
*  Sennheiser gun mics x 2 
*  Sony personal mics x 3
*  reporter`s stick mic (can be cabled or radioed)
*  Small foldback speaker
*  Freeway FM walkie-talkies, c/w earpieces
*  Cans for director, producer, PA, etc 
*  Earpieces for presenters/guests
*  Sony minidisc recorder
*  Panamic & DB fish poles
*  Cables, connectors, stands, bags, etc.

All my equipment is carried in a Nissan Almera Tino which with notice can also be used as a crew car. I have Comprehensive insurance and full breakdown cover. There’s even room for camera gear and redheads - maybe even the odd blonde as well !

Of course, I can supply more gear if you need it, at cost.

Previous clients include . . .
Asylum Pictures     Hannaywood Films    
BBC Scotland     Independent Films    
Dead Man’s Shoes Films     Palm Tree Productions     
The Gate Productions     Square Go Productions

Broadcast / Video
ABU Media N.I.     Grampian Television     Bazal Productions     Granada TV     BBC Scotland    
Crystal Media     MAS Productions    Discovery Channel     Metro Ecosse     Gate Productions
Pelicula Films     Autonomi   
Ginger Productions     Picardy Media & Communications     
Glasgow Television Productions     Edit 123
     GMTV   Scottish TV     2000 Television     Zisys AVMN

Arena Television    Global Widescreen   
BBC Scotland & London    Highflyer Productions   
Bow Tie TV     Hunter Productions   
021 Television    Televideo    Skyline Productions   
CBF Mobiles    Telegenic    Chrysalis Television    Visions

Zisys AVMN    Saville Audio Visual