About Me

Hello, I’m Andy Baird, freelance sound recordist for TV and video, or assistant on OB's or in the studio, and boom op, and floor manager! Also PA & lights engineer, Z1 camera op, and occasionally, even a unit driver and film & TV extra . . .
But then, you’ll know that already if you came here via my home page. Nevertheless, I find it’s worth repeating, if only to remind myself!

If you've been looking for me via a search engine, note that I am not the Andy Baird who plays cricket for Ayr. . . . . or the Wycombe Wanderers "Star Striker". . . . . or the art teacher in Colorado. . . . . or the geography lecturer in Sheffield. . . . . or the American Professor of Selective Genetics at Birmingham Uni. . . . . or the software designer in the USA who's got an even bigger beard than me, and puts pictures of his new motorhome on his website !

Neither am I the Andy Baird who publishes nude drawings on the Web. . . . . .

I'm based in Ayrshire, Scotland, near Prestwick International Airport and the championship golf courses of Troon, or "near Glasgow" if that helps, but available to travel anywhere in Scotland or the North of England, and practically anywhere abroad will do nicely, thanks! Glasgow City is 35 mins, Glasgow Airport 25 mins, Prestwick Airport 15 mins, Edinburgh City 90 mins, Stirling 85 mins, under best conditions.

Anyway, welcome to my website, and I hope you like it. If you’re interested in using me, give me a call, drop me an email, write a postcard, or just give me a call !  What you’ll be getting is years of wide experience, reliability and loyalty. If I’m available, we can talk turkey, if not, we can talk about alternatives, so your call won’t be wasted.

If you need a cameraman or any other crew, I can get them. If you need more gear, I can get that too!
I have many useful contacts in the industry, and good knowledge of the different areas of Scotland.

I've been in the TV sound business for ages, was a sound supervisor at STV Glasgow, turning freelance since 1994. I've a wide knowledge of all programme types and experience in many, many sound duties -
- News, features and docs recordist, home and abroad ;
- Drama recordist & boom op ;
- Studio Fisher boom op ;
- Mixing drama, music, news, etc ;
- Floor crew on major OB's for home & foreign clients ;
- Floor managing politics, children's, OB's, audience shows, religion, etc.

Over the years, I’ve worked on every type of production, from drama to Light Entertainment (now, there’s two words you don’t often hear together nowadays!), to current affairs, children’s programmes, and OB's of all sizes, as sound mixer, sound assistant and floor manager. I was main Fisher boom op. on all STV`s studio dramas in the 70's and 80's, from ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’, to ‘The Steamie’, the early episodes of ‘Taggart’, HUNDREDS of episodes of the soap 'High Road', and loads of stuff you've probably never heard of, and which even I've forgotten about!

I am sensitive to the needs of other departments and all programme types, I like people with a matching sense of humour and knees, and I have waterproof skin, handy when you live in Scotland!

Having worked with and watched scores of cameramen closely, I’m now a dab hand with the Sony Z1 camera, and have a clutch of corporate and promotional videos to my credit. (see http://www.zisysavmn.co.uk/video.php and www.oneday40.com)

Also, I like wearing LOUD shirts. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous for a man of my age, but as I always say,
  "If you’ve got it, decorate it !"